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The 4th Annual U.S-Africa Cultural Expo, Business Matchmaking & Awards Conference

The 4th Annual U.S-Africa Cultural Expo, Business Matchmaking & Awards Conference


DATE:    March 8th - 11th, 2018

 VENUE:  Crowne Plaza Austin

                                   6121 N Interstate Hwy 35 - Austin, TX 78752  USA



Conference Overview
The 4th Annual U.S - Africa Cultural  Expo, Business Matchmaking an Awards  Conference will explore business opportunities in Africa and US markets


The event will bring together U.S. and African business owners in Austin, to discuss and explore new opportunities for their goods and services in markets in Africa and the United States. Theconference will provide a platform for global business partnerships and expansion, and create development in Africa and the US through business attraction. The Expo will also assist African and U.S. businesses with international expansion and trade. This event will give U.S. and Africa business owners the opportunity to explore new partnership for business ventures in Africa and as well as in the U.S..

Hosted by the AFTV5 together with its strategic partners, the three-day event will showcase cultural exhibitions and business matchmaking sessions, with additional opportunities for partnerships with local, national and international businesses. A series of panel discussions will explore various business topics such as connecting with capital and financing sources, challenges and developments in Africa business opportunities, strategies for growth and competitive advantage, incentives for foreign investment and establishment of global companies, and access to finance for the African businesses including government incentives. The agenda will also include breakaway matchmaking sessions with business owners, and entertainment activities such as a fashion show, musical and cultural group performances. 

Breakaway Matchmaking Sessions with Business Owners

The Business Matchmaking is uniquely designed to target the right contacts and fulfill your market objectives in order to establish a long-lasting relationship in U.S. and African Markets. 




AFTV5 African Champions Awards

Calls for Nominations - Nominations Being Accepted for African Trailblazers & Difference Makers

Update to Award nomination - Deadline Extension

I'm writing to announce that the deadline for the African Champions Award Nomination has been extended to October 30, 2017.

You now have until that time to submit your entry, or make any edits to your current entry.
Should you have any questions, please contact us by email at info@aftv5.com 

No additional extensions will be offered, so please submit on time for your nominee to be eligible to win the award!


AFTV5, a new key player in non-partisan alternative community television covering diverse Africa news and activities, is accepting recommendations for newsworthy candidates. This relevant domain of relevance also advances opportunities for the world to do business with Africa. Nominees should be individuals who have made a positive impact in bringing attention to and addressing critical issues regarding Africa and/or its people. This new platform in the content creator market stands poised to expand into the worldwide market through giving voice to those who have had no voice and by featuring noteworthy stories that Big Media has not covered. They will be the link to news of the African Diaspora.

If you know a key player, influencer, or otherwise unheard voice in the trumpet for justice for meaningful souls who have been marginalized OR if you know someone who has been an architect for positive change in the human rights movement or social change domain – nominate them. AFTV5 viewers need to know how they use their presence to help unite the world.

In addition to selecting candidates out of the nomination pool, AFTV5 will use their internet media presence and video production opportunities to provide coverage that informs the global community of their achievements. They will also honor selected candidates at their 4th Annual U.S.-Africa Cultural Expo, Business Matchmaking & Awards Conference scheduled for March 8-11 in Austin, Texas where AFTV5 is headquartered (see link below for more information).

Examples of areas of particular interest to AFTV5 for nomination purposes includes the following:

  1. People advancing the rights of indigenous peoples of Africa and other vulnerable populations.
  2. People making a vital difference in their community and/or the world at large.
  3. People protecting or advancing the rights of those caught up in the criminal justice system.
  4. People vigorous at securing greater opportunities for racial and ethnic minorities.
  5. People confronting or shedding light upon structural discrimination and inequality that is disadvantageous to historically marginalized Africa and Africa people.

Nominations are being accepted until October 20, 2017. Find out the required document to nominate your cultural icon or social change agent by emailing info@aftv5.com.  Use the subject term “Recommendation” or by visiting the website indicated. Visit http://www.aftv5.com/usafricabusinessmatchmaking/ for more information about the upcoming event.


Who’s Standing Out in Your Circle?

Who’s on the Front Line in the Battlefield of Change? Who’s Getting Their Hands Dirty in the Fight for Social Justice? Who is the Silent Hero That You Want to Tell the World About?

AFTV5 is poised to use their internet media presence and broadcast capabilities to bring the vision of an International Multicultural Community to pass. They are currently accepting recommendations for positive agents of change who have advanced the progress of Africa and those of the African Diaspora. So, who do you know that are major givers of their time, talent, skills, platform, money, etc.?

Your nomination is important, because there are many unsung heroes who have advanced the rights of the vulnerable, marginalized, oppressed, those experiencing injustice and those who are denied equal opportunities and access to vital, civil and human rights. So, who do you know that’s making the clarion call for positive change?

If you are aware of a change agent who deserves to be honored for their contributions toward helping to unite the world, AFTV5 wants you to share their story. Those who you nominate may be selected for an acceleration of exposure through our broadcast mediums, and be prominently featured on our website. They will also receive trophies that acknowledge their works at AFTV5’s USA/Africa Business Matchmaking Event. So, who do you know who’s making a push for a better world for all?


Nomination Categories 

Certain award categories are being considered, as follows below:

  1. Current president of the year
  2. Ex president Awards
  3.  Energy Champion Award
  4. Industry Champion Awards
  5. Journalist of Award
  6. TV Personality Award
  7. New Media of the year Awards
  8. Financial Campion Awards
  9. ONG Awards
  10. Africa Champion
  11. Community Champion Awards (5)
  12. Humanity
  13. Education
  14. Advocacy
  15. Leadership
  16. Courage


Nomination Suporting Document

Supporting documents to include with your nomination includes the following:

  • Evidence of the nominee’s impact in a one page letter of recommendation from nominator that attests to the merits of the person they recommend.
  • Biography of the nominee.
  • A high resolution portrait oriented photograph of the nominee.

Help us discover who are today’s change agents? Make your nomination now by emailing info@aftv5.com. Use the subject term “Recommendation.”


About AFTV5 African Champions Awards

Now in its 6th year, AFTV5 is becoming an energetic high profile ONG and Television pratform with a focus on the continent of over 1.2 billion people (Africa).

Every effort we pursue and every person with whom we connect inches us closer to becoming an instigator of an International Multicultural Community. We at AFTV5 are counting on you to help us to use media and broadcast services to give heroes with boots on the ground and their hands and hearts in the stirring pot of positive change their just due. So, who do you know that’s giving back to their community in some meaningful way? Who do you know who have risen from their seat, from their own ash heap, from the back of the class or back of the line who has identified a need and are using their own resources to meet it? Who do you know?



The 4th Annual U.S-Africa Cultural Expo, Business Matchmaking & Awards Conference


 DATE:    March 8th  - 11th, 2018

VENUE:  Crowne Plaza Austin

                                   6121 N Interstate Hwy 35 - Austin, TX 78752  USA



This event will explore business opportunities in the U.S. and African markets

U.S.-African Business Interests:

  1. Business and Financing Opportunities from the U.S.
  2. Business Opportunities in African Countries.
  3. Connecting U.S. Businesses with African Businesses.
  4. Gaining a Competitive Advantage.

Businesses from the U.S. and Africa will have the opportunity to explore global growth strategies and partnerships at the Annual U.S.-Africa Cultural Expo and Business Matchmaking Event will be held March 8th-11th, 2018 in Austin Texas.

The event will bring together U.S. and African business owners at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Austin, Texas to discuss and explore new opportunities for their goods and services in markets. Under the theme ‘Win-Win: Finding and Matchingmaking Business Opportunities between the U.S. and Africa’ provides a platform for global business partnerships, international expansion and create development through mutual business attraction.